Fogging Machine 

Fluid-based portable disinfectant fogger machine that produces vapours through the nozzle to disinfect the surface and surroundings- be it your home, car, or office. The mist generated by the fumigation machineworks well to combat bacterial infections.

Features of our machine:

Specially manufactured for this pandemic situation-

Portable & Convenient:

Disinfectant sanitizer machine is compact, which makes ithighly portable equipment. Sleek design offers great convenience while disinfecting the surface areas in residential and commercial settings.

Multiple Applications& Use:

Portable Disinfectant Fogging Machine is the most potent sanitizer machine for home, office, car, visitor, pet, furniture, doors, windows, and every single object in and around your premises. 

Affordable Disinfectant Solution:

Frequent fogging or fumigation is a preventive measure to keep surface clean amidst the pandemic. Atomizer fogger machin is exclusively designed to sanitize the surface and surroundings affordably.